I am a believer in Christ who grew up Jewish. My journey towards faith has involved extensive reading of both testaments.  I know I’m not the first to point out the many similarities between the events, language, and imagery of the old testament and new.  For me, like many others, these similarities have long held meaning and fascination.

However, as I read, I began to notice a pattern: and the more I looked at it, the clearer the pattern became:

The series of corresponding events in the Old Testament and the New Testament don’t simply match — they match in reverse order!

Events which occur towards the beginning of the NT Gospels occur towards the end of the OT books of Moses (the 1st 5 books in the Bible).  Events that occur at the end of the Gospels occur at the beginning of the OT books of Moses.

The similarities were so complete that I began to see the depiction of Jesus’s life in the Gospels as a mirror image reflection (writing is reversed in a mirror) of key events in the Old Testament .  That’s why I call this observation “the Backward Walk of Jesus”.

I present this idea by showing these mirror image similarities in chronological order from about the time Israel was given the law until the beginning of Genesis/ from Moses to Adam.  (Romans 5:14 “Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, “… )

The rough outline is this:  In Genesis we have the scene in Eden, the flood & then Israel going into Egypt, in that order, carrying over to the next book, Exodus where Israel’s descendants leave Egypt and receive the law from Moses.

In the gospel we have Joseph and Mary keeping the laws of Moses with Jesus, then we have Jesus’s baptism relating to the flood and finally the passover supper relating to the scene in Eden..

Some meaningful similarities- such as the the temptation at the end of Jesus’s 40 day fast and a quote in Deuteronomy referring to the tree of life- fall outside of this strict chronology but the focus is the Backwards Walk of Jesus.

Whether you believe it a literary device or a divine watermark it is clearly there.  The question is why has this been in plain view almost 2,000 years in the most read book in the world and no one has written about it?

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